It is believed that the  Admiral Cheng Ho from the Ming Dynasty is the first person in the world who ate bird nest. According to legend, during the 15th century, he and his crew encountered a thunderstorm while sailing across the South-East Asian sea. They were stranded on a Malay island and had no food supply. Fortunately, they discovered bird’s nests on the cliff and consumed them to stop their hunger. Admiral Cheng Ho and his crew became energetic and regained health after having them for sometime. He soon realized that bird’s nest is a superior food that provide various health benefits and brought them back as a gift for the emperor. Ever since then, bird’s nest has become the supplement with high nutritional value for general wellbeing  in China.


Other writings also said that bird’s nest was the daily diet of Yang Kwei Fei and Empress Wu in the Tang Dynasty. It was also mentioned in the Tang Dynasty’s poem that bird’s nest is an exquisite dish for generals.



Cave nests are the nests that are made in the caves and on the cliffs. Cave nests are generally harder and contain more impurities as they are built in the cliff. Harvesting cave nests brought up many problems as the ecological environment of the swiftlet is being destroyed and created controversy among the environmental activists. Therefore, the production of cave nests are decreasing. The price of the cave nests are generally higher as it is dangerous to harvest them from the steep terrain of the caves .



House nests are the nests that are constructed in the swiftlet farms. The main difference between the two types of bird’s nests is the nesting environment. With appropriately  designed house nest houses, good management system and clean environment, the bird’s nests produced will have a better quality as they contain lesser impurities. The nutrients of the bird’s nests are also maintained as they are harvested on a regular basis.


Swiftlet farms act as a natural habitat for the swiftlets and they are attracted into the farm using audio equipment. The swiftlet carries out  their daily activities in a preserved habitat, leaving the farm to search for food in the morning and return in the evening to roost. The swiftlets are strong in breeding, every time they mate, they will build a new nest. Hence the abandoned old nest can be harvested.


The main nutritional value of the bird’s nest are water soluble proteins and carbohydrates, also with nutrients calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium and vitamin B 1.


1000 grams of bird’ nest contains: 499 grams of proteins, 429 grams of calcium, 306 grams of carbohydrates, 30 milligrams of phosphorus, 104 grams of water, 49 milligram of iron and other nutrients.

Bird’s nest contains Epidermic Growth Factor(EGF) which stimulate cell growth,regenerate and strengthen the immune system. Calcium contained in the bird’s nest can help body  to increase the absorption of vitamin B12. Moreover, bird’s nest which is rich in collagen and minerals is known as the best beauty product as it promotes anti-aging and smoothens the skin. Many celebrities consume bird’s nest on a regular basis to maintain beauty and youthfulness. Bird’s nest is also rich in amino acids which help in cell reproduction and growth of human tissue.

The Effects of Bird’s Nest on Fitness


Bird’s nest is not just the primary choice for a natural skin supplement, but it is the super-food for anti-aging. This is due to bird’s nest containing anti-oxidant minerals that fight the signs of aging. It also lightens skin pigmentation and reduces wrinkles, thus diminishing the fear of aging. It can effectively nurture the skin to promote the benefits of lightening, tightening, moisturizing and smoothening. Bird’s nest also contains a high quantity of gelatinous minerals, which also has a slimming effect and thus translates to a shapelier bodyline. In a nutshell, bird’s nest is the best anti-aging health product for women.


Bird’s nest is not just a God-send for women, but it is also a supplement to replenish vitality for men. The rich protein and carbohydrate in bird’s nest quickly reenergizes its regular consumers. Long-term consumption will help to improve the mental alertness and energy level, as well as the virility of men. This is especially beneficial for working adults who live a hectic life since consuming bird’s nest helps reduce the level of lethargy and stress.

Pregnant Mothers

Under the concept of dual-nourishment for both mother and fetus, expectant mothers must be careful of their food intake in order to promote the development of healthy fetuses. The rich, active protein C in bird’s nest not only spurs the growth of human tissues, but with all the abundant nutrients it contains, bird’s nest is also able to raise the immunity levels of the human body. This helps lead to a stronger and fairer newborn. Secondly, bird’s nest has the property of stabilizing and calming pregnancies, thus easing the travail during child-birth.


Bird’s nest’s gelatinous component contains rich collagen that alleviates the pains of arthritis. Consumption of bird’s nest can improve appetite, aid digestion, strengthen the physique, nourish lungs, improve eyesight as well as elevate the immune system.


For diminutive young bodies, bird’s nest is able to boost the immune system, strengthen the body and alleviate allergies. It also improves the appetite and metabolism of children. Bird’s nest contains multiple amino-acids that promote mental alertness in children when consumed regularly. It is the best natural supplement for boosting their energy level and mental faculty when they study. If and when a child is suffering from whooping cough, consumption of bird’s nest is able to stop the coughing and heal the lungs.


Adolescence is the period where the most rapid growth of the body takes place. It is a time when sufficient nutrients are required to meet the demands of the physical, psychological and intellectual developments that take place. Bird’s nest contains Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) which can strengthen the physique, improve mental growth, enhance memory and promote all functional capacities of the body.


Bird’s nest is an organic food product which contains natural nutrients and amino-acids. It helps patients improve their metabolism, re-vitalize their energy and strengthen the functions of their organs. For those who suffer from tracheitis, asthma or regularly contract colds, regular consumption of bird’s nest soothes the trachea and sustains a clear respiratory system that will enable the body to recuperate quickly. The efficacy of bird’s nest on nurturing the renal and respiratory functions is able to alleviate the deficiency of both systems. Bird’s nest is effective in promoting a quick recovery from illness and helps patients regain their vitality quickly.




  1. One piece of THE NEST HOUSE bird’s nest
  2. Rock Sugar (according to individual preference)
  3. 2-3 pieces of red dates (according to individual preference)
  4. 4-5 American Ginseng Root (according to individual preference)



  1. Soak the bird’s nest for approximately 1 to 2 hours until it has fully expanded. Drain the water.
  2. Add 500 ml of clean water together with rock sugar, red dates and American Ginseng into the boiler and cook with medium heat until the sugar dissolves. Use a spoon to skim off foam on the surface.
  3. Put the bird’s nest into the boiler and cook for 20 minutes with medium heat. It is then ready to be served.